One of the biggest concerns a company has when implementing or upgrading systems is data conversion. It is probably the most challenging and important role in the entire upgrade.

New Tempworks customers who need this service get the benefit of skilled technical support analysts who can manage complex conversions.

Our analysts transfer the data from your existing system into the new one and make sure the resulting system gets properly configured for your exact needs. They  customize invoices, paychecks, client reports and more, making them fit your brand and furthering your marketing efforts.

The same goes for existing customers who want the new features TempWorks Enterprise has to offer.

Support analyst Erik Ruggles has been working with one of our customers on this conversion, which will provide them with better search filtering, timecard linking and tax pay.

"Overall", Erik said, "the entire program will be much faster for our clients."

“How they use the program has changed very little. The new features will enhance their productivity with as little change to their routine as possible.”

This customer will also be one of the first of Tempworks’ clients to go live on 16r1.

Erik, a Carlton College graduate of computer science who has been with TempWorks for almost nine months, said he has learned a great deal about payroll since he joined the team.

One of his greatest skills is anticipating the customers’ needs before they ask.

“For me, working at TempWorks has been an incredible learning experience,” he said.

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