Employers are struggling with ongoing woes with the government’s employment verification system, E-Verify.

According to reports coming into Tempworks Software, a software and payrolling service that automates E-Verify for employers, the problems appear linked to past problems with the service.

A few weeks back, Staffing Talk reported that E-Verify went dark with the government shutdown.

“I’m trying to verify employees we weren’t able to process during the shutdown, and the system isn’t accepting them,” reported one user.

“It gives us a “Other – must be Null” error but it doesn’t allow us to process due to the date,” reported another.

According to technicians at Tempworks, the government’s system is rejecting verification requests for employees not processed during the shutdown.   “Looks like a bug,” said one developer.  “It works on their test-bed, so maybe they’re trying to push a fix through.”

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