Here's a story for you under-appreciated HR managers who go the extra mile to set equitable pay rates.

A recent news story about a CEO who raised the pay of all workers regardless of performance to 70k has me thinking about a bible passage that has never sat well with me.   It's the one about the parable of the overpaid vineyard workers.   

You bible scholars are welcome to school me on it, but me I'm with the ticked off workers who sweated out the whole day only to make a fraction of the rate of others.   They had good reason to "grumble against the landlord".    

Whatever the spiritual attributes of the parable, the whole scene shouts out for the landlord to hire a great HR manager if some good wine is ever to be had.

You may remember that the NYTimes gave the 70k min wage CEO accolades due a hero.   That should have been the first sign of trouble.

Fast forward a couple months, and that same CEO is getting sued by his brother and now is facing desertion by his harder working staff who felt "it was unfair to double the pay of some new hires while the longest-serving staff members got small or no raises."

We make fun of HR managers, but rarely do we see first hand quite so clearly the importance of professional approaches to compensation.