If you’ve been in a busy staffing office, you know that it is a very social place.

So in the last few months I’ve written about virtually every social software trend out there from Twitter to Facebook to Four Square and how they impact staffing software and processes.   You could argue (and my wife would agree with you) that I spend far too much time on what may be passing fads, and to that I can only agree that email is still the king of social software.

Email has everything going for it – privacy, speed, ownership.  In this world where your innermost Facebook secret can be suddenly exposed to the world at the whim of Mark Zuckerberg, organizations still safely rely on email as the hub of communication.

For more on how Tempworks is evolving its software to keep with this reality, check out the above clip for the latest design changes in TempWorks 15R1 by our amazing software architect, Aaron Nottested.

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