Does Left vs Right explain much in politics any more?

No, says Jakeline in Argentina.  

Jakelin is an Argentinian translator and tutor I got connected with via eLance a couple years back.  I'm lucky to have her - she's the best language tutor ever.  She corrects me when I refer to Hispanics as 'Hispanicos' instead of 'hispanos'.   And she corrects me when I try to apply my conservative economic ideas to South America.

For Jaqueline, it makes no sense to differentiate Left vs Right in South America and most certainly not in Argentina where a national election is taking place this week.

She see politics there as a Populismo vs Repblica dichotomy in which you win by promising whatever you can to get votes (Populism), after which you do whatever you want which mostly consists of stuffing your pockets with public money.  In contrast to Populism, she posits Republica as better way to run a country but which consistently fails to win.

That's a short explanation.  Maybe not the best.   But if you understand Spanish, you will get a better idea by listening to Gloria Alvarez, a rising star throughout the Hispanic world who produced this video after visiting Zaragoza, Spain: