In talking with Jack Terrana who runs our TempWorks Venture program, he pointed out that a lot of our prospects are entrepreneurs considering buying a franchise of a national chain.   Although this may be the right option for some, it’s not for everyone.  Creating your own brand can make sense if you’re the creative type.

As Jack says, “Part of our message is franchising makes sense if you're buying a Subway. Temporary help is not secured via a drive thru. Just as securing a hoagie is not accomplished by touching lots of new people and selling your entrepreneurial story.”

On Youtube I came across a series of professionally made videos that dig into this issue deeper.  By “professional” I don’t mean flashy or Hollywood like, I just mean the people doing the explaining are professionals like experienced attorneys who deal with franchise related issues and articulately explain them.

Here is one such video (demerits for not buttoning his collar notwithstanding).  If you click through it you’ll find even more videos by the producer, AllBusiness, that are equally good.

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