It's been a few weeks since I've posted a reader submitted story. We hired Trevor Kupfer about a month ago to work on Staffing Talk full-time. Hopefully all of you have been enjoying his unique brand of humor. I know I have.

Obviously people are going completely apeshit over the election. I can't remember an election where several of my friends decided to actually hate each other after a Facebook fight. I wonder how long it will take for all that to pass and for them to become friends again. I feel like I'm talking about kindergartners.

But enough of that. I'm sure you'll get to read plenty of other people's opinions on who got elected president -- so I'm going to move on to other issues: namely transgender (or cross-dressing) applicants.

We have a reader who works for a staffing company and she sent me an email with a very interesting question. One that I had no idea how to answer. Maybe you all can help.

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I never, I repeat, NEVER thought that I would come across this issue in all my years of staffing but here I am and I haven't the slightest what to do about it. I always told myself that it would not make a difference but now I am not so sure.

Yesterday I had an interview scheduled with Jasmine Delaney (name changed for anonymity). I had spoken to Jasmine on the phone and received her resume. I explained that I had a few openings in mind but the next step in this process was to have her come in to

interview and get set up with the paperwork, that way I can begin to send her to clerical assignments that would best fit her experience.

She came in but she was a he dressed like a she. Silence. Awkward smile, then I pulled it together and treated her like an other applicant.

I think I held the interview with professionalism. We went through the typing test and personality test to have in the system. The employers I had in mind required it. I have some pretty laid back clients, some great people with a wonderful work environment but how do I know where Jasmine will fit in? I have no client that I know of who openly accepts transgender applicants.

There is no chance of Jasmine passing as a natural female. None.

I don't want to discriminate but I don't have any clients who wouldn't laugh me out and call me up to ask me if this wasn't a practical joke. At first I was thinking Jasmine would make a great internal receptionist but I know I would loose my job if I were to even suggest it now. What do I do? Where or how do I place a qualified office professional that happens to be transgender?

I'm at a complete loss. Have you ever heard of this and how staffing companies handle it? Are there transgender specific staffing agencies?

I asked at work and my boss may not be the best person to ask, her answer was beyond wrong.

Please help,

Wanting to do the right thing

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