I am a firm believer in:    The management of a company will only be as happy with their choice of software as the end user is happy. 

If Recruiters, Service Reps and Payroll/Billing folks are unhappy with their software, they will not use it to its maximum potential.  If people don’t know how the software operates, of course they will be unhappy with it!

I recently had the pleasure of working with a great group who understands effective and proper training.   

Effective and proper training does not mean hours and hours and hours of listening to the teacher drone on and on.  Effective and proper training means sufficient training geared specifically toward the audience. 

I’d like to point out some key things this group did that made the training a success…


  • Small groups
    • Allows for more individualized attention
    • People are more comfortable asking questions in smaller groups
    • The trainer is more able to make sure everyone is keeping up
  • Like groups – Separate Sales people from Service Reps from Pay/Bill Clerks from Admins
    • Training can be tailored to their specific needs which are different from the other groups needs
    • People aren’t bored listening to areas that do not pertain to them
  • Learning abilities
    • More advanced students can have more advanced trainings
    • In general, each “Generation” has a different learning style
    • Language barriers – we had an interpreter for the Spanish speaking group who learned more effectively hearing it in “their” language
      • This had an added bonus in that our interpreter really had each session embedded in her brain after hearing it, analyzing it then having to repeat it
  • Easy does it
    • By 3pm each day people are “full” and start to zone out
    • Scheduling shorter training sessions allows for the information to be more easily absorbed – latent learning
    • 2 sessions of 4 hours each with different groups was the perfect recipe

 Understandably, this may not work for every group but taking just a few of these ideas and incorporating them into your training can make a huge difference.

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