In TempWorks Enterprise you can see it your way... the data grids can all be customized to your liking!

Wherever there is a data grid, you can sort by any column simply by clicking on the column header.  The first click will sort ascending, the second will sort descending and the third will sort in the original order.

You can also decide what columns you'd like to see or hide.  Right click on the column headers and a list of columns will be displayed.  This is especially helpful when you are looking at the transaction history on an Employee record:

The columns with a check mark in front of them are displayed.  Those without, are not displayed.  Click on any column name to have it displayed or hidden.



Columns can also be moved around the data grid.  Click, drag and drop the columns to where you want them.

"Group by" means you can group together the data within the data grid by any column(s).  For instance, in the list above, if you want to group the list by Customer then by Job Title, click, drad and drop the column heading into the area labeled, "Drag a column header here to group by that column":







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