Have you ever wanted to compare two records side by side?  Perhaps you want to compare two Candidates?  Maybe you want to view the Details of the Order at the same time you are looking at the Candidate List?  How about viewing the Billing Setup of the Customer and of the Department of the Customer?

All of these and more can be done by using what I refer to as the Tear Off Form.  You may know it as the Compare View.


This form will open into a Read Only window which can be moved to a 2nd monitor or remain behind your TempWorks Enterprise database to be accessed at any time:



*Note - the Candidate Worksheet form, when torn off, IS an editable form.  The Candidate Worksheet form is the only form which is editable when torn.

You can tear off more than one form and compare the torn forms side by side:






For more information about the Compare View or to schedule training on the Compare View please contact the TempWorks Training Department at:  Trainers@TempWorks.com.







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