I learned about customer care when my Dad started his temp business in 1974. 

He personally renovated the staffing office which had been a grimy Manpower branch into a freshly painted, nicely carpeted, clean place with ample telephone extensions and service rep stations to handle what would soon become a good-sized, flourishing company.  

He recruited top staff specialists who enjoyed the efficient work environment.  Temp workers felt welcomed

at the onboard stations.  Customers liked that he set up training stations for typists and that phone calls were quickly answered.

I like to think that I’ve kept his philosophy going and I put my heart into making sure we can efficiently handle support calls.   Kevin Prow, our support department manager, does to.

And like my Dad we’re putting our hearts into efficient customer server processes like rapid and correct responses to client trouble reports.

We keep working that and working it.  Again and again.  So I thought I’d share one of our latest iterations – an improvement in our support case handling system that we’re getting ready to launch.  

You can see the design of  the support case detail screen below.   When a client has a problem or a project to be done, this is what our support analyst will be looking at.  

The screen emphasizes the classic problem/resolution format and makes it easy to see communications with both the client and fellow analysts.  Notice the client/email prominently displayed.  The idea is to make it as easy and fast as possible to communicate with the client.

In the coming weeks I’ll do a deeper dive into other areas of the support app.

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