Last week a staffing client won a large contract because they got to know their customer really well, and also because they presented a solution that reflected underlying economic realities.

In fact, throughout the recession of 2009, our client deployments of VMS brought an increased emphasis on extended cost control. Companies are placing increased scrutiny around the process of vendor selection, and trending certainly suggests an increase in business process outsourcing.

As BPO offers the opportunity to eliminate many fixed costs while creating operational and fiscal efficiencies, more and more companies are turning to vendor management solutions that will allow for increased reporting functionality, turnkey-style functionality for line managers, and seamless integration with front and back office functions.

Of all the components in the cost control diagram above, flexible workflow may have the most consequential effect on costs.  If contingent staffing decisions can be efficiently routed through the correct approval processes, everyone wins.

We also recently introduced a major upgrade to the TempWorks VMS Workflow Engine.  The new facility supports a variety of serial or parallel approval processes that can get routed either to single contacts or groups of contacts.  It supports tiered approval processes that would for example include the CFO for a six figure job order but little more than the branch manager to replace a receptionist for a day.

With that and the recent success of our clients in this space, I’m anticipating an exciting year coming up.

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