says that Broadbean plans to stay true to itself in providing great service and product.  That’s its brand.  It’s not trying to Americanize, it’s instead busy “Broadbeanizing.”

Good answer.  It doesn’t quite explain then the need for a separate US website or why given that Broadbean has one it uses British English on it.  But still I like her answer to the question I popped on her during @Animal’s recruiting show last week.

Rayanne Thorn March 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Rayanne’s Response

Hey Gregg-
Thanks for the questions and I broke it down on the Recruiting Animal show.
But I will expand here since there is no one interrupting ;-)

Broadbean has had considerable success for the last eight years in the UK, being the market leader, head and shoulders above the rest… why?

1. An Excellent Product
2. Fanatical Customer Support
3. Phenomenal Team and
4. A Pro-active Sales Force

The product is amazing and ever-evolving. People love working for the “Bean” which shows when they answer the phone responding to questions regarding customer support / service. And no one has a bigger or more pro-active sales force.

The reasons that Broadbean has met such great success in the UK are being duplicated in the US, with a perhaps a little bit of a US flare:
1. Excellent customer service provided by both the US and UK offices, as well as our Founder, Kelly Robinson, actively responding to customer support.
2. The building of a great US “Bean” Team
3. And a Pro-Active Sales team, as well
4. We are creating a great place to work
5. Building a substantial list of partners that include Bullhorn, PC Recruiter, Maximus, etc.

Broadbean is establishing itself as a Global partner for recruiters, applicant tracking systems, and job boards, not just another American company. Thus, our service and provisions might be a bit different than other typical American companies.

Our global support and sales teams are larger than any other in our arena. Our goal is to “Broadbean-ize” not American-ize.

Thanks again for the questions…


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