"Materialism is tearing a hole in the ozone layer," said American president, Barack Obama, as he digested his sous-vide helix escargots and filet mignon while chasing it with a verre of Chateau Lafitte 1787 and glancing obliquely at the decolletage of the Saudi prince's mistress seated across from him at Paris' elite restaurant de luxe, L'Ambroisie.

Ok, he didn't say exactly that, but he's said similar things before and the rest of my description comes pretty close to the farce that is climate change conference in Paris this week.

Touching isn't it, the way our world leaders are setting the tone?  

Don't tell me what you believe.   Let me watch you, and I'll tell you what you believe, a wise old priest once told me.

So it goes at L'Ambroisie, where world leaders are toughing it out at the Michelin three star restaurant in ritzy Marais, where the grenadins a foie gras come comfortably adorned with salmigondis de condiments.   

The latest reports are that their generosity will cost Americans 125k jobs. 

And that's just the coal industry losses.  And that's just in the USA.