What if “year end” didn’t translate to “more work?”

What if, instead, “year end” translated to free webinars and a designated year-end support team?

It's TempWorks’ busiest season, too, as we work hard to ease the burden of tax reporting for our staffing clients. Soon, it'll be snowing W2s in our office as we print, process, and mail thousands on behalf of our customers.

And this year, TempWorks’ tax specialist Amanda Mosley has prepared five free webinars to remind our staffing customers how to painlessly process their year-end. While many don’t need assistance because they are diligent about payroll throughout the year, many others are finding the lessons quite helpful.

The hour-long webinars, which run throughout December and into January, cover the following topics:

-          W-2 and W-2C
-          Closing Your Year
-          Fringe Benefits
-          Moving Wages Tool

“People are very excited that [the webinars] are out there," said Mosley, who mentioned that attendance has been greater than she expected. During the live webcasts, another back office specialist, Alisha Santoorjian, will be standing by to field questions.

The first webinar covers the Data Integrity Check tool in Enterprise, which alerts users to potential errors and directs their attention to the root of those errors.

“It runs through a series of 80 checks," says Mosley. "If there are any typos, or if there’s no social security number, or it shows negative wages, these are red flags. It’ll say, 'Please review. There’s a missing address,' or 'This specific check has conflicting tax codes.'" And there’s a new recalculate button to help fix wage discrepancies," said Mosley, who recommends running the user-friendly check once or twice each quarter at the very least.

So, why is all of this so important?

Mosley explains: "[Year end reporting] can be a bigger problem than in other industries, because it’s easy to lose track of someone’s social security number that only worked for one day. You still need to report that information.  At year end, we not only have quarter end --when our customers could have dozens of returns --but they have W2s and annual returns on top of that. Year-end is triple a quarter-end. And there are heavy penalties that come from not meeting deadlines, which are different for every agency," she cautions.

That's why TempWorks is trying to save you time and money. (You know, to focus on what really matters this season... like National Fruitcake Day). Mosley says the Moving Wages tool is another huge time-saver. If a worker was initially taxed for the wrong state, moving wages to the correct state used to be done manually… by voiding and reissuing every single check. But now, the tool already knows what jurisdictions are compatible with other jurisdictions and the wages are reallocated through an Enterprise wizard.

Just think of all that automation. All those dropdowns populated with states and locales! Soon enough, you might even be toting around an “I heart year end” mug. (Though we can’t guarantee it).

For further help, TempWorks customers can reach out to yearend@tempworks.com, a team specially trained to deal with any processing snags that might arise.

"This is a huge burden off the customer," says Mosley.

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