Customer Background

CHASE was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1979 by Roy Abernethy, as a contingency recruiting firm. In 1983 CHASE began providing contract and temporary employees.

CHASE has over 30 full service branches that offer a broad range of candidates in mostly the Administrative and Light Industrial sectors.

Additionally, CHASE has several specialty divisions specializing in Accounting and Finance, IT, Manufacturing and Technical placements.

During their 30 years, CHASE has received many awards for their excellent service. They’ve been identified as one of the top 100 staffing firms in the United Stated, and for several years have been one of the largest private staffing firms in Atlanta.

The Challenges

CHASE was dissatisfied with their applicant intake process, as it was time consuming, and they were incurring unnecessary costs. Instead of proactive recruiting, internal staff was spending numerous hours working on administrative tasks, and searching through filing cabinets to find employment documentation.

There were a number of issues with their previous process:

  • Tedious data entry. Candidates needed to manually complete documents like their application, I-9 and W-4, internal staff would then have to enter the information into the database.
  • The Hassle of filing and retrieving documents. Internal staff would separate and handle all¬†forms accordingly (i.e. I-9‚Äôs were mailed to the corporate office on a monthly basis; applications were filed manually in filing cabinets). Recruiters spent time digging through filing¬†cabinets to retrieve employee applications.
  • Money wasted on shipping. Employment application packets were printed in bulk at the¬†corporate office and shipped to each branch location.

‚ÄúWe invested in the DocCenter,¬†even with the poor economy, because I thought that it would greatly¬†improve staff productivity while making the process of registering with¬†Chase much easier for candidates. ¬†DocCenter has certainly lived up to¬†our expectations .‚Ä̬†-Roy Abernethy, CHASE Professionals


‚ÄúWe have always had an ongoing commitment to streamlining business processes and¬†the application process was something we still hadn‚Äôt tackled‚ÄĚ states Gabriela Cabezas, Systems Administrator for CHASE.

‚ÄúWe needed something that would simplify our¬†procedure, and hopefully save us money at the same time.‚ÄĚ

CHASE had been a client of TempWorks for several years during this time, and after discussions with the TempWorks team, they decided that DocCenter could solve many of the complications surrounded by the intake process.

‚ÄúOur goal was to increase efficiency by reducing data entry for recruiters and applicants. Ease of storage and retrieval of pertinent application documents was also a¬†goal of ours. We wanted to create a standardized application process throughout all¬†35 of our branches‚ÄĚ concludes Cabezas.


CHASE implemented TempWorks DocCenter at three pilot branch offices to establish¬†an efficient workflow, now all 35 branches are using DocCenter.¬†Cabezas reports that, ‚ÄúDocCenter has reduced the time it takes to complete the application process by at least 50%.‚ÄĚ

Cabezas ¬†continues, ‚ÄúWe have eliminated 90% of¬†the printing and shipping costs of forms to the branch locations‚ÄĚ

Other results:

  • Increased efficiency. Recruiters are no longer spending time looking for employee forms. If they need a copy of a certain form all they have to do is look in the employee record in TempWorks core, and there it is. It is a complete electronic document¬†storage solution.
  • Reduced costs. DocCenter allows CHASE to get rid of wasted space used for¬†paper storage. The filing cabinets are gone!
  • Increased speed of intake process. Employees are able to fill out their own forms¬†electronically, which automatically streamline into TempWorks core database.

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