[This post came to me from Matt Feller, Account Executive for Tempworks]

You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you help someone get something they really want? In the business world, those moments can be few and far between. Getting a client exactly what they want, exactly how they want it can be an exercise in patience and can sometimes take hours of discussion and revision, then more discussion. Here’s a story about a client getting exactly what she was looking for the first time and loving every minute of it!

One sunny Friday afternoon I got a call from one of our clients Debbie from Bradley Personnel. She’s an upbeat and honest woman who knows what she wants, and she wanted a new website with all the integrations and bells and whistles we could pack into it. But something else she desperately wanted was someone to be around when she needed some changes or help with the website. The lady she had hired to design and maintain the website previously, was always too busy to help her these days.

Now my particular expertise is in customer relations, so I’m not an expert when it comes to designing a website, but luckily we have a very creative guy who is….. Dave Schoofs! Dave is our Website designer and he’s truly one of the creative guys that can work magic on the design and integration with our products to the web that is truly seamless! So we decided to set up a face to face meeting while Debbie was at our Open House event The Works.

Before we went to meet with Dave I had to give her a quick overview of Dave and how he works. He’s truly a creative type, once you give him some direction you want to go, a few examples of what you like or don’t like on a competitor’s web site (or any website for that matter), he’ll erupt like a volcano producing creative solutions or ideas on what can be done or designed. That being said, I introduced Dave and Debbie and let them sit down and discuss what she was looking for.

About an hour later I checked in on Debbie and Dave and found she had a smile from ear to ear, ecstatic and eager to work with Dave and his team. In their discussion she mentioned that she wanted to re-brand her company with an updated logo as well as the website. Dave had immediately given her some fantastic ideas and offered to assist with the re-branding, partnered along with the bonus of the website being fully integrated with our software, job boards, and Web Center (our employee and client portal); it was exactly what she was looking for and included additional features that will help save her staff time and her company money in the long run.

It’s these shining moments that make me proud to be part of such a great team of people that are interested in helping clients get what they want. Debbie is about to get started on the website design process this week, stay tuned to see what the completed website and branding looks like!

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