In response to rapidly increasing demand, the legendary radio and television show "Candid Camera" announced that it has officially licensed its format and likeness as a niche service for staffing and recruiting.

The license will form the basis for a new interviewing technique which has been recently tested and rolled out in several markets worldwide.

“We are very careful with our brand, which we consider an American institution since 1947,” said Pieper Thomas, a spokesperson for "Candid Camera." “But the current opportunities in staffing and recruiting are just too tempting to pass up.”

The show is a natural fit, given that HR managers need to document their hiring processes, and recruiters are doing everything they can to test unsuspecting interviewees.

“I’m really proud of how this industry has grown,” said Gene Watchman, spokesperson for the Association of Staffing Voyeurs (ASV), which is underwriting the effort. “We’ve come a long way from the standard interview questions about ‘Who’s your favorite superhero?’ or ‘What kind of a bird would you be?’”

The format of the show, which placed unsuspecting dupes in strange and often unpleasant situations so that the public could watch how they reacted, is perfect for the modern job interview, says Watchman.

“Now we have group interviews, multiple hiring managers, remote HR resources and progressively rigorous candidate testing. This brings the interview experience as close as possible to the actual work environment. It’s ideal.”

The program was rolled out recently in several international test markets. Small film crews were dispatched to capture interviews. Candidates were evaluated according to established scientific data on various factors, including response time, and the ever-valuable quality of expression.

The initial testing scored recruits during routine interview situations with an emphasis on stress management skills, where the technique proved a rousing success.

Further tests expanded the program to areas such as civil engineering, where leadership qualities are highly desired along with mathematical aptitude; and retail clothing, where interviewers were able to explore candidates’ abilities in vital areas such as inventory retention.

"Candid Camera" was especially successful in the medical field, where candidates must routinely deal with pressure situations.

The ASV hopes to capitalize further on the new licensed service as it continues to roll out.

*If you’ve made it this far and still think this is a real story, please accept our apologies.

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