Worker Express  is “evolving the temporary labor market” and “empowering” temporary laborers through an online “worker portfolio” and a “revolutionary hiring experience”. 

The founders, Pablo Fuentes and Joe Mellin, have Stanford MBAs, speak Spanish, and are preparing to launch nationwide.  I’m sure they’re great guys to hang out with and drink beer.

But can they get backed by a VC? Personally I wouldn’t have given them a dime.  I scrubbed their website for any notion of experience in labor staffing and found none. 

The technology they claim to be evolving (text message based notification, webtime, online portals, mobile interfaces) TempWorks has been offering to Manpower and Link Staffing for years.   And our many competitors as well.

But what do I know?  Apparently nothing.  This is the era of a $50 billion Facebook.  VCs have money coming out of their ears and no idea what to do with it.  Put up a pretty website and claim you’re going to double in size every few months and presto, you do get that $500k check from the VC. 

Last night I watched Alice and Wonderland – the Johny Depp version – with my kids.  Here’s the spoiler: if you’re looking for madness don’t bother with the movie. 

When it comes to nutty behavior, The Red Queen has nothing on the VCs.

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