To be fair, Twitter never promised me or anyone that I’m aware of that it wouldn’t go changing its API more often than a football fan changes his fantasy roster.  But they do, and that creates problems for software developers.

How are we to keep up?  And it’s not just mature software systems that struggle with the change, startups do too.  A while back I wrote about a staffing industry startup that was not just leveraging Twitter but actually using it as its sole platform.   I can’t imagine this last change by Twitter can be good news.

I’m reminded of a comment Andrew Karpie of Staffing Industry Analysts added to our post on staffing platforms.  He wrote:

[platforms are] important concepts to master and apply, I believe too. In my SAI Review article this spring, I even went so far as to say: “The adoption of “platform thinking” and understanding of e-platforms may very well become a necessary condition for survival in the 21st century contingent staffing businesses.” For any readers who would like to have a great intro to the “business platform” idea, I would recommend book from last year written by a colleague of mine: “The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Have Redefined Business,” by Phil Simon.

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