Not being one to hang out in HR circles, I’m late to this party.

But this is a slow news day, and HR has something to do with staffing (although no one wants it to).  So, assuming you’re tired of hearing about Charlie and Lindsay, StaffingTalk is serving up some gossip about HR, the industry that normally finds itself the arbiter of controversy. So what’s going on with SHRM?

For starters, there’s the .jobs controversy.  John Zappe wrote about it over on ERE today.

Then there’s the lawsuits.  SHRM doesn’t like people using their logo unless you’re saying good things about them.  This is an issue I agree with SHRM on.  If I had a logo like that, I wouldn’t want anyone using it at all; I’d sue myself for using it. Here’s a link about the logo controversy with plenty of juicy comments including this one from Job Angel honcho and noted HR speaker Mark Stelzner:

As others have rightly pointed out, I find the allocation of precious [SHRM] member dollars to external counsel another example of the obtuse and disconnected nature of this ongoing debate. Why not ship fuel canisters in your envelope as a means of igniting an already spreading fire into a raging and uncontrollable burn? What's more, by hiding behind lawyers this organization continues to play wizard in their land of HR Oz without any obvious intent to pull back the curtain and answer the reasonable requests for complete and utter transparency. I post this comment as a soon-to-be-former member. Until new leadership emerges I am done with this organization.

And some have risen to SHRM’s defense, kind of.  Laurie Ruettimann, the self-described Cynical Girl (she is, I’ve met her!  Don’t spar with her verbally either, you’ll lose), and arguably the #1 writer in the HR space wrote a post apparently in defense of SHRM but then she deleted it, kind of.  She writes:

Someone has to be the face & voice of Human Resources while SHRM dicks around with a wayward search for a CEO. You don’t need 15 years P&L experience to deal with an ego-driven board and a bunch of lawyers who write childish cease-and-desist letters.

Fun stuff, isn’t it?  Who said HR was boring?

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