who plunder the depths of legacy enterprise and the private cloud and come up with solutions that take advantage of the public cloud.  

Urquhart in fact coined the term ‘clouderati’ which like the word ‘conoscenti’ indicates sophistication.  Rightly so because it’s really complex to straddle the world of in-house IT and proprietary interfaces to the world of public interfaces that use standard web protocols.  These guys make complex cloud stuff work for a living, and I recommend Reilly’s essay “Service Please” as great starter reading.

In contrast to the ‘clouderati’ however a different and by different I mean sinister group I call the ‘clouderazzi’ has emerged extolling cloud solutions as instantly workable plug-and-plays.  The clouderazzi are not engineers.  They haven’t worked large scale enterprise IT.  They don’t know the difference between a bit and a byte.  They are in fact, dare I say it, sales people disguised as consultants.

Their revenue stream comes from selling ‘cloud’ solutions or rather the appearance of imagesolutions that compete with Oracle, SAP and in-house IT solutions.  The clouderazzi like to talk about ‘context’ (non-strategic) versus ‘core’ (strategic) processes.  Like paparazzi in pursuit of Lady Diana, the clouderazzi get free play on context vs core but leave ruin in their wake.     

This context vs core argument is nonsense.  All of your data is core.  Your sales leads, core.  Your contact list, core.  Your web analytics, core.  Your sales messages, core.  Your payroll data, super core.  Your financials, can anything be more core?

This is not to denigrate the validity of cloud solutions from Salesforce, NetSuite or for that matter my company TempWorks .  It’s just that it’s disingenuous – a fantasy - to present one-off apps as if they don’t need to integrate themselves inextricably from an enterprise’s core platform.

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