Casey Kraus, our VP of Sales, put out the internal email below on the great work Mike Binder has been doing for us.  Never one to leave a kind word left unchecked, I’m compelled to kibitz.

Staffing software sales is a hard thing, but after-sale onsite software training can be even harder, and it’s something Mike has excelled in. 

Invariably you are meeting up with the client at their most sensitive time.  They’ve spent hard dollars on software, converted data, engaged already super-busy back office and ops people with change management, and still they haven’t yet begun to profit from the new system.  Now walks in the guy or gal who is the face of the software company.  

But he or she may already have been burning the midnight candle with late night tests of newly converted data, long flights, long delays at airports, and yes a hurricane or crippling blizzard just to make things fun.

The result though is a baptism by fire that few can sustain yet turns you into the kind of road warrior that makes you perfect for the position of selling software if you are cut out for it.

That’s why I would buy from Mike Binder.


From: Casey Kraus
Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 11:45 AM
To: TWEmployee
Subject: Mike Binder

I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am with Mike Binder.

As you know, Mike recently changed from training to sales back in the middle of February.

However, we had an issue with a client that needed to have training this week for a live date on Monday. With our training department booked, Mike stepped up with no hesitation to jump back into his old role this week to provide the level of customer service that we expect at TempWorks.

Mike, way to be a team player and helping out when it was needed.

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