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We’re overloaded with data, statistics, and just information in general these days. To such an extent that we’ve become desensitized to its meaning and a lot of that information is just plain lost.

For example: We’ve been hearing a lot about things like national debt and military spending in recent years, but the numbers are rarely put into perspective. Have you ever seen what a trillion dollars actually looks like? Or what all the billion-dollar totals you hear on the news look like stacked up next to each other? Interesting, isn’t it?

I consistently find myself overjoyed to experience everyday information and concepts through different means, specifically visually. I don’t just mean TV or video broadcasts of information, because that’s usually just written information delivered aurally. No, I’m talking about concepts and data communicated through images. This is why we at Staffing Talk have a soft spot for infographics* (we include one in every News of the Day post, and sometimes even make them ourselves: here and here).

I’m a nerd, I know. I was the type of kid who back in school always chose to make an art project to illustrate topic comprehension rather than write an essay. (Though, as you can tell, I very much enjoy writing as well.) I’m hoping I’m not alone on this, and that others in the staffing world are intrigued by data visualizations and are more of a visual learner, because I think you’ll like a few video series I’ve found.

A fairly new trend is emerging in data visualizations, and it’s essentially a combination of infographics, speeches/presentations, and webinars.

The folks at One-Minute MBA, for instance, have created a business-specific series of more than a dozen animations on topics such as Common HR Mistakes, How to Tell If You’re an Entrepreneur, and How Good Managers Listen. Check out this one, on The True Cost of a Bad Boss.

The first time I encountered this breed of visualizations was through The RSA Animate project. RSA is similar to TED, in that they’re a conduit for enlightening ideas through speeches and presentations. RSA Animate, however, illustrates those presentations into an illustrated form. Like One-Minute MBA, they have around a dozen of these visualizations, on topics as varied as what motivates workers and the internet’s inhibitive role in politics. Here’s an example on why we need education reform, from the ingenious Sir Ken Robinson.

I hope you enjoy the videos or, even better, gain a better understanding of the business concepts you read about on a regular basis. If you’ve followed (and enjoyed) so far, you’ll most certainly also like this TED Talk by David McCandless.


* If you really like infographics, give a visit to the following sites that we regularly check for News of the Day: Infographics Archive, SparkHire, Staffing Robot, Undercover Recruiter, and GOOD Magazine.

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