This last week the Orchard development team released an alpha version of its open-source content management system (CMS). I’m following their work quite closely as a candidate CMS for the next release of TempWorks Lead Generation Services, and it occurred to me that our staffing company clients also may want to consider it for their corporate websites.

I’m normally a skeptic about open-source initiatives and have myself been part of many such still-born endeavors.  Often conceived out of a desire to share, open-source invariably finds itself in an ethically compromised position of having to give free support to gain users and street cred.  This in turn causes them to turn into pay-for products – that is, if they happen make it through child-birth. 

In this case Orchard is the beneficiary as I mentioned of an apparent and unusual largesse by Microsoft who oddly enough is playing by an unusual degree of adherence to the rules of open-source acolytes: they are releasing the source on CodePlex under the BSD license.   Thus, Orchard has both money and vision in its court.

My attraction to the product (beyond the money and energy that Microsoft is pumping into it) is architectural.  It’s being built with MVC – a popular pattern at Tempworks – and multi-tenancy (my favorite topic) as first class citizens.

If you’re a staffing company looking for a strong web-presence, Orchard should give you a strong platform as well.  If you’re hesitant and want to study your options further, you might want to check out this review of CMS players.

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