If Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the blockbuster film that took in $51 million this weekend, offers no other redeeming quality (it doesn't - aside maybe from watching Brad and Angelina prance about as we wait for the inevitable), the scene where the two pop culture heros blow apart their own house trying to kill each other could teach us something about how not to run a staffing company.

The enemy is within. No mysterious competitor poses near the threat of our own abilities to tear down our house. Thanks Tom Peters, but we don't need to reinvent ourselves every day. If we can just plain old get along, we'll out do most companies out there.

At staffing companies, the biggest fights seem to happen when no one is fully in charge. The owner might be absent or there may be several owners involved but not on the same page. As a vendor, this makes things really complicated. Think you've got a roll out plan established with the CIO? Guess again, the CFO just can't wait to show who's boss. CFO signed off on a list of mods? Wait until you hear back from the leading area manager who will waste no time letting everyone know who is bringing home the bacon. You want branches to share orders from a common customer? They'd rather give them to the competition.

I actually didn't get to see the end of movie (my kids' movie "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" let out earlier), but I'll guess that Mr. and Mrs. Smith eventually figured it out and made love not war. We all should.

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