The story comes from a Staffing Talk reader at a law firm. 


His secretary quit, and so my partner-boss told me to find a replacement.

This was right as I was leaving for vacation myself.  I called our staffing agency, and they sent over several resumes from which I picked three “top” candidates (based solely on the strength of their resumes) and scheduled interviews with the partner.  I then left on my vacation.

Upon my return, I found out the partner had taken a step further than interviewing.  He had already hired someone! Let’s call her Cindi. Cindi’s a pretty girl – the tall and leggy sort with long blonde ringlets down her back. And I heard  the partner ask one of the associates what they thought about his pick.

“Well, if she’s no longer a pole dancer it might work out.”

Yep. In fact, she was formerly a stripper. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But I didn’t say anything – just rolled my eyes and went on with life. Maybe she’s turned herself around and will be a great employee. Who knows?

Fast forward a couple months and she hasn’t  and she wasn’t.   Her performance, spotty all long, came to a head one Monday morning.  Around 9 am with Cindi nowhere to be found.  No worries, I thought, she’s probably just running late.  30 minutes later I decided to give her a call.

“Hey Cindi. I’m just checking in to see if everything’s OK.”

“Oh, yes,” she replies. “I’m just lying by the pool and enjoying the day. I’ll see you in the morning!”

I hang up and scratch my head for a second. I must have missed something. So I call her back.

“Sorry for calling again, but you know today is Monday, right?”

“Oh my goodness” she exclaims. “I must have missed a day somewhere. I’ll be there bright and early tomorrow morning.”

I hang up again, this time scratching my head for a totally different reason.

We let her go shortly after this incident, and I'm happy to report that the partner did a complete 180 in the looks department when hiring his subsequent secretary.

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