From the Conversable Economist, a national political leader in 1927 gives a "we don't win any more" type speech against immigration and against innovation, all in the name of protecting the worker:

There seems to be no limit to our national efficiency. At the same time we must ask ourselves, is automatic machinery, driven by limitless power going to leave on our hands a state of chronic and increasing unemployment? Is the machine that turns out wealth also to create poverty? Is it giving us a permanent jobless class? Is prosperity going to double back on itself and bring us social distress? ...

We saved ourselves from the millions of aliens who would have poured in here when business was especially slack and unemployment high. In the old days we used to admit these aliens by the shipload, regardless of the state of the times. 

Fears of automation and of newcomers taking jobs - they've been with us at every step of our country's growth.   Yet, unlike Argentina and other countries, we resisted the demagogues who tried to exploit those fears.

And we won because of it.