I'm in the dog-house with my real-life big brother, Doug. He's coming down hard on me for conducting product name searches without the use of customer focus groups, professional help and legal guidance:

When you consider product names, there are lots of factors going into the mix including “What do our customers think of this?” Yes, I know you hate this stuff but ... your names are assets with monetary value ... I’ve noticed you don’t put the copyright symbol on your web pages."

Doug, wow. We'll get that taken care of right away, and thanks for reading my blog. I'll tell you more about Doug some day (he's a negotiator for the state of California's Franchise Tax Board - makes the IRS seem like Orange Julius counter workers).

Doug also pointed out the genius of Steve Job's marketing and the clever case-twisting he used in naming his post-Apple company, NeXT. Hmm...TwX?

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