I will not modify this statement: staffing agencies connect workers with jobs, and anyone that connects workers with jobs is in a staffing agency.  I don't care if you are an executive headhunter, a government workforce center, an escort agency, a baseball scout, a pimp, a temp nursing company, a job board, an in-house temp pool manager or a candidate-oriented social network - you are part of a staffing agency. You compete with other staffing agencies, and it's disingenuous to say or pretend that you don't.

So why am I on my high horse about this? Well it's because I got an email today from a "social networking" group that seeks to drive candidates to employers. That's fine, no problem. Great idea, in fact. The problem is that the group, Incircle Recruiting, portrays itself as some sort of benefactor to organizations looking for candidates. Here's the email they sent me recently from one of the recruiting networks I belong to:


When you cut out the "talent acquisition" sanctimony, what we're left with is an Incircle salesperson that is all for social networking as long as it's all about them selling without any competition around. Here's my advice to Incircle: say what you do and do what you say...from your website I gather that you make money by connecting employers with candidates - if that's true then say that. And if you don't want anything resembling competition around in what purports to be a social network, then at least explain why you should be given exclusive access.

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