We get these all the time, and I should show them off more often. 

So much of the staffing software experience comes from the ongoing support, and Melanie Kramer, our VP of Customer Support, truly brings that Tony Hsieh spirit to TempWorks every day.  She has recruited and trained a phenomenal support bench of software professionals including Neil Juhnke mentioned in the copied email below.

= = = = =

Hi Melanie,

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you I think Neil Juhnke is fabulous! He’s really helped me the past couple of weeks with the random requests, problems/concerns, issues that have come up – post upgrade.

He’s so quick to respond, fix, and “jump on” the issue which is greatly appreciated because I usually have someone standing over me wanting to know what’s going on with the issue/problem/fix.

Wasn’t sure who to send this to but wanted to make sure someone knew.

Thanks Again,

Rachel L. Keenan
Senior Training & Development Manager

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