Forget all about the nasty things I’ve written here about Twitter. Recruitment guru and tools handyman Josh Kahn has got me back on track on how to use it right.

Kahn gave a presentation at Google a few weeks ago and followed it up with a repeat performance at the Minnesota Recruiter conference. He’s really got his act down, and as a tools guy myself, I was humbled to see someone not only entertain a crowd way better than I can but beat me at my own forte of tools as well.

Here’s the thing that got me down on Twitter: Almost no one is using it well. So if you have followed me on Twitter, or for that matter, Seth Godin, or any of the Twitter illuminati, then you’ve probably written it off as a fad, or more accurately, as spam.

In a recent tweet by Kahn, I learned about an article in BW (that’s Business Week or Broke Writers, take your pick) by a personal branding guru Dan Schwabel.

Schwabel writes that you should skip job boards or even your career sites and use social media instead.

I’ve gotten tarred-and-feathered (here by Lisa, here by Jason, and by my own readers, sniff) for saying that very same thing, so I’m glad to see the thinking is becoming somewhat shared if not conventional.

Anyway, back to Twitter and Kahn. One of the stories Kahn told is about how Best Buy is recruiting a marketing director, and one of the requirements for the job is to have at least 1,000 followers on Twitter.

In other words, if you can’t establish buzz out there for yourself, how are you going to do it for us?

I pretty much have the same policy in recruiting for TempWorks.  If you’re a kick-ass C#/wpf developer, then show me your portfolio.

Same goes if you’re a graphic artist or a marketing ace.

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