We all have moments where we’re so frustrated with work life – coworker annoyances, bothersome bosses, stupid bureaucracy, daunting deadlines, etc. – that you just need a pick-me-up. Some people will recommend cathartic methods like finding an empty room to act out an elaborate shouting match with the imaginary bane of your workplace existence. Some take up meditation. Others turn to medication. I look to David Thorne.

On paper, David’s just a working class graphic designer and an Australian export now living in U.S. But on the web he’s a wholly different beast. He’s author/curator of the blog 27bslash6.com, where most of the content is re-posted email strands or recounted misadventures from his day. It might sound pedestrian, but this content has been the stuff of email forward and social media share legend. It’s even led to the best-selling books The Internet is a Playground and I’ll Go Home Then; It’s Warm and Has Chairs. And chances are, you’ve already seen David’s writing in action.

He’s one part office prankster, another part frustrated creative, but mostly he’s a nightmare to bureaucracy, authority, and rules. He says/writes/does what we all want to (or, at least, what the darkest parts of our minds want to), but we don’t have the guts to lay our future or reputation on the line for it. Not only that, but David does it in a hilariously clever way, while simultaneously being a sarcastic prick. He has me bent over laughing. In tears. Every time.

Here’s some of my favorites, and I recommend giving them a spin the next time you’re too frustrated with work to think.

The Spider
This was the post that put David on the map. It’s especially hilarious to anyone in customer service.

Missing Missy
If you work in any creative capacity, where people give you garbage content and ask you to “make it pop,” you’ll find David’s way of turning that on its head especially gratifying.

Coworker Complaints
HR reps will get a kick out of this series of official complaints filed against David by his coworkers.

Annoying Timesheets
Anyone who hates timesheets or HR reps will love David’s refusal to follow simple directions for inane tasks.

Design Me a Website With Pie Charts
Freelance or independent contractors (especially designers) will identify with this one, as David deals with an idiotic entrepreneur looking to start a new business.

8-Ball Answers
Another good one for customer service reps, David here decides to answer all questions he receives via the Magic 8-Ball.

Ideas for Websites
Everyone has worked with an idiot, and therefore can enjoy David ripping on the stupidity coming from the mouth of one of his.

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