If this link about the staffing agency business from the Cincinnati Examiner was a troll, then I apologize in advance to Kevin O'Reilly, a Cincinnati "Business Development Examiner", whatever that is.

But if in fact he is real and it was an article he wrote to be taken seriously, then he gets the employment idiot-of-the-week award.

First his numbers. He can't add. $5600/wk is $290k+ annum not $67k.

Second, he doesn't understand employer taxes and worker comp which wipe out most of the 'profit' that he claims the staffing company gets.

He gets worse, libelous even, from there...however one of his claims is true - that agencies tend to advertise a position in advance to an actual job order. They also tend to tell client companies that they have job candidates in advance to actually having them vetted.

God help those looking for work in Cincinnati if Kevin O'Reilly actually works as city business examiner because no reasonable employer would stay.

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