In asking, “What are your plans to move beyond job postings and resume access as your primary revenue sources?” he gets right to the heart of the indisputable reality that job-posting fees can’t sustain a job board business for long.

It’s no wonder then that Monster and CareerBuilder are going out of their way to position themselves as end-to-end talent management services. What that means, of course, is that they are moving into spaces heretofore owned by recruiters and staffing companies.

But this is a two-way street. Staffing companies and independent recruiters aren’t going to let anyone get between them and their clients (witness, for example, the travails of VMS), and so they too are launching job boards.

You can’t turn around without finding a new one.

My company, TempWorks, is no bystander in this phenomenon. We sell a product that instantly turns a staffing company’s database into a job board.

What are your thoughts on where this trend is going? What will the trends be in 2010 and beyond?

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