I've written about Bitcoin on and off with seemingly little or no interest from the staffing community, but I'm not going to stop because I still believe the staffing companies that get we are in a post-nationalist economy are going to win.

They will win because labor can be acquired remotely at vastly better prices than can domestically.   In fact, if you shop right, the price you pay for a software dev or an assistant can be less than your Obamacare cost alone here in the USA.

They will win because currencies like the Yen, Euro and USD are subject to extreme risk.   They are all backed by nations that overspend and are losing credibility with every day.

Here is what I wrote last about bitcoin and decentralization, but even that is out of date now.  

Hacker News today has one of the sharpest state-of-the-art discussions on it.  Below is a comment I really liked as to why Ethereum, one of my biggest investments is stepping in to fill the Bitcoin void:

The list of dapps is remarkable... That was my first glimpse into the hackability of Etherium and I am very intrigued now.
As a total outsider to all this, I suspect you are right.
Bitcoin is very hacky, as almost all successful first systems are. Etherium is a second system.
First systems: By force of will you cobble together a viable prototype and if you are lucky it gets traction. Then it's an exercise in patching to keep the system running.
Second systems: longer dev cycles based on lofty goals for better architecture and features. Many second systems fail here. But if/when the second system gains traction, it's potentially a much better solution since it could learn from mistakes of the first system.
It's clear that the tools are better in Etherium for building block chain apps. It also looks like it's getting good adoption.
Like all things crypto currency it's interesting that there is money on the line. Bitcoin won't fall out of fashion as quickly as other systems for that reason.