Recruiters, staffing company owners: admit it.  Arianna Huffington is the best in the business.  No one recruits better, and no one pays less.  Doctoral candidates, union leaders, politicians – every delusional leftist, every workers-rights-activist out there wants to work for her and they beg her to let them do it for free.

It’s not fair you say.  Here you are a busting your ass working nights and weekends fighting the good fight for your clients and all the while getting hammered on your bill rates, flipped off by your workers, and excoriated by the media.  Meanwhile this, this, this Goddess of the Left comes along and sells their slave labor for a cool $315 million.

Arianna Huffington is the staffing entrepreneur of the year.  -- StaffingTalk

So, you want in on the secret?  You too would like to be the darling of news anchors and unions and roll in the cash by the truckload?

Then just drop us a note here at staffing talk and we’ll get you out a copy from the first edition.

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