Are you satisfied with your hiring success rate? With the speed at which you find talent? Are you happy with the quality of candidates you are reaching? Do you feel you are getting to passive candidates who are already employed? Attracting top talent is a challenge, and a new online recruiting company wants to help

KarmaHire, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based online recruiting company is just soft launching in Beta this week. Their unique value proposition? Helping you to create high converting job ads in minutes, market them, and then track their ROI.

CEO James Clift calls it "extreme makeover, recruiting edition." He told me via email they transform job postings into gorgeous job ads, optimized for converting top talent into new hires at substantially higher conversion rates than is the norm today.

"Over nine billion dollars is spent annually on job postings in the U.S., yet they all look the same," said Clift. "These standard postings are actually driving away the talent companies are struggling to attract. KarmaHire gives companies a simple, streamlined way to create job ads that stand out from the crowd and attract those top performers."

Unlike traditional career postings which just describe job positions, Clift says KarmaHire's "recruitment marketing" strategy includes creating inspiring company stories which humanize your brand – essentially allowing candidates a window into your company culture.

The goal of the content is to tell a good story that leaves job seekers with a meaningful and exceptional impression of your company, so the most qualified candidates will want to apply.

According to KarmaHire, 75% of job ad viewers are already employed. Those people don’t just want a job, they want an awesome job, he says.

So by creating a content-and-media-rich experience that engages your potential candidates, the quality of the talent pipeline will increase, the company says, as candidates come to associate positively with your brand.

Recruitment marketing uses multiple channels to promote your job postings and build excitement around your brand. It is a proactive approach to attracting and obtaining top talent through high levels of fan engagement and sharing online — rather than sitting back and waiting for a response, as Clift says is now more the norm.

Staffing agency owners and managers are kind of source-agnostic though, right? You don't really care where your candidates come from necessarily, as long as you are filling your job reqs with good, qualified people. So the more sources, the better.

But I asked Clift about how he thinks HR pros and recruiters will view KarmaHire.

"I see KarmaHire as a great tool for HR pros and recruiters, and not as a competitor," stated Clift to Staffing Talk. "The human aspect of recruiting is always going to be essential. KarmaHire provides a way to optimize those online touch points between candidates and recruiters (wherever they may see the job ads), helping recruiters attract better candidates and increase ROI."

For any Staffing Talk readers who would like to give KarmaHire a try, CEO James Clift says he will offer you one free job ad if you sign up this week.

If anyone does take him up on the offer, report back to us and let us know how it goes.

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