Video interviews will be the norm in three years.” That's what Ryder Cullison, manager at human resources technology provider Hire-Intelligence tells the New York Post in this article. What's your take on this? Agree? Disagree? Too much too soon? Maybe you'll see more of it but it certainly won't be the norm? Let's take a look.

I have written before about a professional acquaintance of mine, an IT and tech services manager, who is looking for his next role. He has interviewed lots of times, in lots of different ways, ranging from a typical one-on-one with a hiring manager to  group interviews with senior management.

A week or so ago, he was asked to interview for a position via video. He said more and more tech services companies are getting comfortable with Skype and GoTo Meeting and the like, so he didn't think anything of it.

He was surprised though, when the appointed video chat time came, no one was on the other end of the conversation. Not a live person anyway.

Instead, just like the person in the New York Post article, he was expected to speak into his computer, and take two minutes to answer each of the questions that were posed on his computer screen.

Of course there was no additional prompting or reaction, no "That's interesting," or "Tell me some more about the time you _____."

He found the whole experience kind of strange and unsettling. But it appears to be well on its way to becoming more commonplace.

The New York Post article references the results of this 2012 OfficeTeam survey conducted by an independent research firm. It is based on telephone interviews with more than 500 HR managers at U.S. companies with 20 or more employees.

HR managers were asked, "How often, if at all, does your company conduct job interviews using video technology?" Their responses:

    Compare and contrast the 2012 very often figure of 53% with the 2011 very often figure of just 1%.

    "Many companies are embracing video interviews, which are often conducted online via webcam, as a way to quickly and cost-effectively evaluate applicants," said Robert Hosking , executive director of OfficeTeam.

    In future Staffing Talk posts we can take a deeper dive with some of these video powered hiring sites such as HireVue, sparkHire, HireArt and Ziggeo. If any of you have any specific experience with any of them, we would love to hear from you in the meantime.

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