Today we're running a post on personality assessments, but I got a question (see below) from a client about ways to assess industrial employees.  

She wants to know if a worker will catch onto an industrial job quickly.  I have no idea myself about industrial assessments, so I thought I'd throw it out there to the staffing community.   Any suggestions?

Hey Gregg I was thinking of a way to filter employees to know which ones are more likely to be trainable faster or are a little sharper that can catch on a job quicker. At [my previous staffing company] they have a basic standard test that all employees are asked to complete, the test consisted of general math, reading math questions and measurement at a 5th and 6th grade level. I think it would help my recruiting efforts a great deal if done correctly. Any thoughts?

At my Dad's Manpower franchise, we used to have applicants do a test I'd liken to sorting washers and screws into sorted bins.  I forget the name of the test, but Manpower reps would swear by it.

Myself, I'm much more interested in software recruiting heuristics, and I don't find technical assessments a great help.  That's not to besmirch sites like Pluralsight whose assessments can tell you how strong someone is in well-traveled language like js, C# or sql.  But hiring for skill is a road to cultural disaster when it comes to software.

I find past performance and attitude much better predictors of hiring success.  I like to look at grades  (transcripts - I always ask for them), Github repos, and, best yet, backdoor references from fellow developers.

Anyway, anyone have an answer about industrial staffing assessments?