interviews TIVO's staffing director about migrating from one VMS program to another.  Highlights:

  • The previous VMS vendor got nasty when they got dumped: "There were some sour grapes on their side. They claimed there were compliance issues and credit issues".
  • TIVO went through an RFP process and chose a regional vendor that was "hungrier".
  • Although VMS technology going in was a primary factor in the decision making process, the chosen vendor only had an internal system.
  • The previous vendor did not provide an onsite person; the new one did.

Thanks Lisa for an excellent interview. Let me ask, is there anyone, ANYONE, that has spent any time in staffing that still thinks VMS is about technology?

VMS Sing-along

How many dead VMS vendors must there be, before HR realizes no one cares?

How many speeches about vendor neutrality must we hear, before HR gets that all we want is good people?

How many quality metrics must they create, before HR is caught with its scam?

The answer my friend, is at your friendly staffing company. The answer is to treat them like a partner.

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