I’m a big fan of Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens and his saying that advertising is a tax on being unremarkable. Stephens got his start here in Minnesota, and he certainly has garnered a lot of free publicity himself  on his way to making Geek Squad an international brand now part of Best Buy.

However, advertising does have its place. It’s great to be remarkable, but we aren’t all remarkable about everything every day.

Besides, there is an immediacy to modern advertising like PPC (pay-per-click) that you can use to react quickly to changing circumstances. For example, TempWorks has recently won several large contracts, and we’re kicking off a recruitment advertising campaign for Microsoft developers with the help of ThinkSEM.

Nevertheless, companies that figure out how to be remarkable can avoid that tax. One such company is my client  Dan Temps, whose founders Jeremy and Jarrod Daniels work social media like no tomorrow. Their growth has been spectacular, and they feed their system with a constant flow of candidates.

That makes them money, and it gets them in the national news on a regular basis. Here they are in a recent feature on cnn.com/living.

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