1. Reduced-cost training 

Both staffing agencies and job seekers know that more training = more job opportunities. A lot of staffing agencies understand the importance of training and provide resources to their candidates. Only the best staffing agencies do the work of securing discounted training course rates for their job seekers.

Take the time to contact your local business and skills training programs and negotiate reduced rates for any job seekers who apply through your agency. Or, consider making your job seekers an offer: if they complete six months of work for your agency, you'll pay 20% of a training course required to get them to the next level.

Nearly all temp agencies try to connect their job seekers with training courses, but not all of them go the extra mile. It's agencies like Favorite Healthcare Staffing, that offer their job seekers $100 in continuing education benefits each year, that truly prove they are committed to education and training.

Showing job seekers that you are invested in their training builds trust, attracts the best candidates, and helps establish your agency as top of the class.

2. Financial adviser services

When people take on temporary jobs, or switch from company to company as part of short-term contracts, they have a lot of questions about their finances. They may have questions about how to present their temporary jobs on a tax return, or may wonder how much they should be saving for retirement if their income is variable. If a company offers financial incentives such as a 401(k), your job seekers will need to know how to roll those funds over after switching to their next job.

At the bare minimum, you need to have a trusted team of financial advisers to whom you can refer your job candidates. However, to really stand out, take it a step further. Hold monthly financial adviser meetings at your staffing office, and base each meeting around a relevant topic such as taxes, converting IRAs and 401(k)s, or planning for retirement. Invite all of the job seekers on your contact list and tell them they are welcome to bring friends. Every time I hold one of these meetings at my own agency, I get at least five new qualified, skilled job seekers -- and usually place them all within a month.

These meetings benefit your staffing agency because they get people back into your office and give you an opportunity to reconnect with current job seekers and potential new clients. Don't forget to follow up by emailing meeting participants links to helpful financial information such as the Roth IRA conversion calculator or a series of tips on budgeting. This keeps you in contact with your best candidates and helps people remember your agency for future job searches.

3. Generous sick leave policies

According to CNN, one out of every three American workers gets no paid sick days. This includes a large number of temporary and short-term contract workers.

If your agency does not offer paid sick days and another agency does, you will lose your best candidates to the other agency. Likewise, if your agency does not offer paid sick days, your staff will go in to their temporary jobs while sick, slowing their productivity, infecting their coworkers, and risking your reputation as a good agency.

Do the right thing and offer your workers generous sick leave. Give them, at minimum, two sick days for every three months worked, and make sure they understand that they will not be penalized for taking sick leave. McCall Staffing Services in San Francisco, for example, gives employees one day of sick leave for every six weeks of full-time work, and this has increased job seeker loyalty and commitment.

When I was working as a job seeker for staffing agencies, I consistently sought out the agencies with the best benefits. Now that I'm working on the other side of the desk, I want to make sure I provide those same benefits to my job seekers. Yes, giving your staff paid sick leave will cost you a bit more in the short term. However, it will pay off tremendously in the long run, as you quickly stand out as one of the best agencies for which to work.

These aren't the only additional services your agency can supply to attract job candidates. Consider hosting networking opportunities, giving staff reduced-cost transit passes, or even handing out quarterly bonuses. Remember: the more you do for your job candidates, the more they will do for you.

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