Action Staffing opended its doors in 2008 in Loveland, Colorado. Owner and CEO, Robin Aragon built the company on the mission to “offer quality and service driven results.”

The company prides itself on “building diversified relationships through integrity, ethics, and value to ALL of our clients and associates.” Action is a recognized minority, woman owned small business in the State of Colorado.

They are a family owned staffing company that offers more than 60 years combined experience in the industry and other related HR and management solutions. Action offers a broad range of candidates including everything from highway maintenance and entry level construction positions, to clerical and administrative work.

The Challenges

Action Staffing previously processed their payroll through ADP, they used TempWorks for their front office and Quickbooks as their accounting/billing vendor. The lack of integration created more work for the internal staff, reducing speed and efficiency.

Action Staffing was also paying multiple vendors for their services, which created unnecessary overhead.

Having opened their doors in 2008, Action had the economic crisis working against them.

Aragon informs that,“We were no longer able to receive funds from traditional lending sources such as small business administration loans.” Aragon continues, “We were having troubles with our entire business process and didn’t really know what to do at this point. We decided that it was time to start searching for a solution that could both solve our software problem, but also help us out financially.”

“TempWorks has benefited us by making our lives easier! They made it simple, user friendly, and affordable for a small start up staffing agency to get started, grow and suceed!” -Robin Aragon, CEO, Action Staffing


Aragon began working with the TempWorks to figure out a solution that would allow her to work less and make more, while assisting her finacially as well.

TempWorks President David Dourgarian comments, “After my initial conversation with Robin, I knew that Action would be a great candidate for TempWorks Venture. It was obvious that Robin’s passion and enthusiam towards her goals would make her sucessful.”

“TempWorks reached out to us and gave us a chance, building a supportive and trustful relationship with us. Since then we have grown into a bigger company, and recently secured a seven figure contract with the Colorado Department of Transportation.” -Robin Aragon, Action Staffing

TempWorks Venture is a comprehensive software package, including back office processing and working capital finance that is geared towards small startup companies.

Using technology and capital resources, paired with the strong knowledge of the industry processes TempWorks was able to support Action Staffing with the resources they needed to help them successfully materialize their goals.


Action Staffing was up and running on TempWorks Venture within two weeks.

Aragon conveys, “TempWorks reached out to us and gave us a chance, building a supportive and trustful relationship with us. Since then we have grown into a bigger company, and recently secured a seven figure contract with the Colorado Department of Transportation.”

Aragon continues, “TempWorks has benefited us by making our lives easier! They made it simple, user friendly and affordable for a small start up staffing agency to get started, grow and suceed!”

Other results:

• Reduced costs and improved data accuracy. All front and back office information is stored on one database,ensuring accuracy and eliminating the need to pay multiple vendors.
• Increased efficiency. TempWorks handles all of Action’s payroll processing, reducing the hours spent on checking for accuracy and processing payroll information.

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