Over beers last night I was telling friends about how self-driving cars will make chauffeurs and taxi drivers unnecessary, how digital currencies will end the banking industry as we know it, and how decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) will end government's crushing war on the employment industry.

But despite all this change, evidence is mounting that automation and, most particularly, robots, will not result in a net loss of jobs despite how many of them it kills off.   Here's a great report today in the New York Times, of all places, about why that is true.

One question that you out there with kids might be asking is how to prepare them for fruitful careers given just how much we don't know.   My advice is always that unless you have a shit ton of money, you should avoid traditional four-year degrees that set your child up for lifetime of debt.

Often, the kids themselves have a better scent on what's up and coming.  I have one daughter who is a professional animator, although I'm not exactly sure what that is other than that it involves art work that moves.   

My son, Andrew, 18, is taking an intensive coding course at Prime Academy, run by one of the hot local consulting companies.  His real passion is music, but he has a sense that it's at the intersection of music and innovation that the real action is at.   Here's some of his latest work:

Check out my new video: Marco Svogli licks along with my own take on his style

Posted by Andrew Dourgarian on Thursday, October 29, 2015