Although the dog days of August have traditionally been strong for temp staffing, for those of us on the staffing software side it’s never been a strong month.   Deals that we think are about to close get pushed off until the prospect’s third cousin gets back from vacation or some such.

Not true this year.   Tempworks executed several large user deals this last month including two with public staffing companies for which we are preparing press releases as I write this.  This comes on the heals of major implementations of our 18R release with operations of Manpower and Chase Staffing and three large contracts with existing customers for our new AppCenter onboarding product.  And our affiliate program, Tempworks Management Services, has been adding a

new member nearly every other week.

Another sign that we’re doing something right is what I’m seeing from a couple of our competitors which is to give up any pretense of differentiating by product quality or service level.  Just like with the staffing business, it’s a good sign when you’re competitors are hoping to score with dirty tricks.  It’s their way of telling you that you really have it going, and the way it motivates your team is something that you can’t just make up.

Our executive team’s approach to service underpins all this.  To close, I want to share notes from some clients they received today:

From Brian Cherry at Power Labor

I will review the link below and if I need someone to talk to me one on one I will let you know.  We are getting better at Tempworks daily Bill Raymond has helped me out big time and I hear Pam is awesome!!!

Nice job!

From Tess at Slingshot

(Slingshot is a company whose principals have been doing business with Tempworks since before our incorporation in 1997):

Ariel and Mike Neis have been so helpful through the upgrade transition and instituting fail safes to help me feel confident with the end product I receive.  They are always solutions driven, never say no (because they offer options) type people and it’s the best stance to have when dealing with all the issues they have no control over.

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