.  They are a company to admire.  So strong was their commercialization of time clock technology that their corporate name became – like Kleenex for tissue and Xerox for copiers – synonymous with the generic product name.

I admit also a fascination with the name Kronos, derived from the mythological father of Zeus and Poseidon whose influence grew over the ages, emerging as “Father Time” during the renaissance.  The founders of Kronos the company, Mark and Aron Ain, certainly have a knack for naming things and for all the rest that goes into good marketing.

Just today I received an email newsletter from Kronos and was surprised to see that it talked up their payroll offering. Although I’ve never heard of anyone using or having used Kronos as a payroll service, Kronos has its selling proposition framed pretty well:  bring the payroll process in-house so you can avoid the high cost of service bureau fees and instantaneously drive the payroll expense information back to your operational activities.

Given that TempWorks payroll processing division, Payworks, makes the exact same proposition, it’s hard for me not to like.  Payroll is the highest cost item for virtually any organization, and the notion that it is “not core” is nonsense.

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