Firing someone the right way can be the best thing you ever do for them

I've been a big fan of Adobe since the 1980s when I used its flagship Pagemaker product to launch a marketing campaign for my airline software product, Supertrace.

Here's an article about Adobe's founder with some of his business aphorisms and a story he tells about how he fired someone (kicked someone out, actually):

...I was teaching college mathematics in Cleveland and working on my PhD at Case Western Reserve. At a faculty meeting, we decided that one of our students wasnt cutting it, and needed to tell him it was time for him to find something else to do. We drew straws, and of course I got the short straw. Id never had to do anything like that before, and I thought, well, I guess Ill talk to him the way Id want somebody to talk to me if the roles were reversed. Of course, he was disappointed; but about a year later, he came into my office with a big grin on his face and said, the best thing you ever did was kick me out of here. Hed gone on to sell computers at General Electric and made so much money in his first year that we wanted to come back and thank me. To show how grateful he was, he offered to come back and teach me how to program. So this kid Id had to kick out of school ended up teaching me how to program in the evenings that summer.