I don’t get to code a lot any more but I really like to, so it’s been fun this last week to be working on an update to the TempWorks lead generation system.   Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to have great coders (and genuine night owls) like Eric Anderson, Matt Sonnenberg and Andy Cohen of TempWorks to help me through those little issues that can really slow me down.

I’ve always found that the best programmers are lazy and are always out to find a faster, easier way to accomplish a task.  To that end, here’s a collection of Visual Studio tips I picked up from the guys this week.   Be sure to watch my must-see thriller tips for true Visual Studio excitement below.

  • How to use preprocessor directives.
  • How to code a snippet
  • How to do conditional breakpoints
  • How to find files in your VS solution with Sonic File Finder 

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