In case you didn't see that job ad that some HR lady in Boring, OR, posted on her website last week, have no fear.

You can also see it on Monster, Indeed, Twitter, Ladders, Career Builder, and Simply Hired.   

And now LinkedIn as well.  It began sloppily aggregating ads along with the rest of them last month, and it is impressing no one.  

"..does it occur to anyone that this [LinkedIn] "technology" is not technology at all? It's crap funded by silly HR departments that long ago forgot how to recruit. Job boards don't work. So LinkedIn enters the swill pot with its own database.  When SimplyHired and Indeed aggregate all the aggregated LinkedIn job listings... is the circle jerk complete?" asks Nick Corcodilos on an ERE post last month.

No Talent Shortage, Just Bad Hiring Practices

"The interview/hiring process is the real bottleneck. Until we address that as an industry, there will be no progress." writes Richard Araujo on the same post. "There is no talent shortage, there is a shortage of good hiring practices."

Meanwhile with almost profitless Indeed having sold out for more than $1 billion in 2012 and market caps on seemingly anything generating traffic sky high, expect to see more other entrants into the spray and pray job ad market.